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dedicated to : J

' I love you '
I never thought the day would come,
that you an' I once would be 0ne,
as I sit here and think sightly
you are the one.
I think of you everynight an' day
pray to god that you'll stay
and never stray away.
The clear blue sky is so high
I wish I could reach an' peach
I wish I could hold and never let go
your my sky thats up so high
The distances you an' I
is so high that one day we might be able to fly
so high up in the great blue sky.
I love you now an' forever
whisper my name when you need me the most
think of me when you need me
i'll be there holdin you tightly
kissin your lip, rubbin' your hand
look up in the sky and you'll see
the true fairie that brought you an' I.
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