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Its been like 4yrs since J an' I have been close friends, And we've both always had this thang for one another but never had the chance to express our feelins' toward one another and when we did it never really gotten anywhere.
J is my best friend and the most wonderful thing ever!! He makes me laugh and smile, im not nervous around him nor shy like when im around most guys ahaha I can actually say and do what I want to around him without feelin stupid as in like ( make funnay faces ) hehe!! I dont care either. My birthday was the 15th and what made it even better J wished me happy birthday `,=c] and he made one wish come true and that was him and I being a real couple, I brought the subject up though ha' but we got everything out that we totally needed to which we barely ever got the chance to and look everything is perfect Im happy he is happy an' were happy! Feels like we've always been a couple just never noticed ... I love you J with all of my heart I know you an' I only been together for like 2days so far but I do love you because you've been there for me through my ups an' downs thick an' thin not once did I have a frown while u were around !! I love you for being my friend and now my love. Thank you for everything I hope we can last and our relationship will be a blast hehe, now that I GOT A WEBCAM hehe we can have video SEX HEHE !!!
Im like gettin' so into this and look what the cat brought
pronoeyes: you look sweet when you concentrate
heheh awwwwwwwww an' looky
pronoeyes: i loveeee youuuuuuuu
Im madly deep in the hole! J I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ur my number 1 an' always! kiss sugar muffin hehe!
im a dork but thats ok..... ok well thats all I have to say in this damn little thang so peaCe
J an' Shana
J' an' SHANA
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